affiliate marketing for beginners

5 Step Making Money Formula: How to Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Hi Ivica is here, and in this video I’m going to explain you how to start affiliate marketing like beginner, how simple 5 step making money formula works, and what makes this formula so powerful.

So, let’s get started.

choose a profitable niche

Step 1. Choose a Profitable Niche

Choose a profitable niche and don’t over complicate this decision. Keep it simple, because simple works. Everyone can promote something.

Feel FREE to visit link below this video, and download file with 35 profitable niches. Inside that file you will also find appropriate affiliate programs, and links to join. I recommend you choose one of these, and get started to build business around that topic.

create a free report

Step 2. Create a FREE Report

Create a free report of high quality.

You need some “bait” to entice your readers to subscribe to your newsletter. A free report that solves a problem, makes their life better, or simply covers a topic they’ve been seeking information about. This will draw email addresses out of them like soda through a straw.

build a simple website

Step 3. Build a Simple Website

Build a simple 1 page website.

This site shouldn’t promote anything other than the email list.

Remember, this is only an overview of this strategy. For more detailed blueprint, visit link below this video and find out more about every step on the road.

Use Best WordPress plugins for blogs to build tour website

affiliate marketing for beginners
Create follow-up Newsletter

Step 4. Create follow-up Newsletter

Create a strong follow-up newsletter sequence.

The idea is simple. Offer huge value in 2 - 3 emails per week that will build trust, and allow you to promote the products related to your niche that makes you money.

Get Visitors to Website

Step 5. Get Visitors to Website

Drive traffic to your 1 page website.

Finally, you need people on your site to sign up for your newsletter. There are a lot of free and paid techniques to drive traffic to some website. I strongly recommend video for sending FREE targeted visitors from You Tube to your landing page. Do not be scared of creating videos for your future You Tube channel. You mustn’t be famous You Tuber. You only need to create videos to drive traffic to your site, and believe me: this is not so hard today.

So, let me explain this strategy again in reality.

You identify a niche by finding a problem or solution a certain group of people are looking for. Don’t worry: this is easier than you think.

You set up the basic framework of your website, consisting of a single page and some legal pages. Nothing complicated here, because I want you to move forward fast!

You set up You Tube channel and start producing tutorial-based videos, software tutorials, how-to videos and so on. Don’t panic about creating these, it is deadly easy!

All your videos are linked to a landing page where visitors come, and check out your own recommendations.

Visitors put in their email address, and they are then forwarded to an affiliate offer, where you make a commission when they buy it.

The automated email series you set up, will follow up with additional offers, where you make more commissions.

Rinse and Repeat!

Rinse and Repeat!

Continue to make more videos for You Tube. The more videos you have, the more views, traffic, leads and sales will come in.

That’s simple 5 step formula in a nutshell.

For more details make sure you’ve checked out links below this video.

So, what makes this simple 5 step formula so powerful?

It makes it easier to make sales from your website. That means more money for you.

It increases the chance of you making multiple sales to the same person. That means more money for you.

It gives you the same tool that big marketers use to basically “print money”, just by sending out a couple of emails. That again means more money for you. This is how big-time marketers can make tens of thousands of dollars, in the space of a few days.

It’s something that will continue to work for years and years to come. That means you just need to follow the formula once, and then sit back, and rake in the profits year after year.

It works on auto-pilot. Meaning: that if you just want a passive income, you can just leave it to run by itself.

It’s something you can feel good about. You’ll be creating something that helps people, so you can be proud to show it to friends and family.

So now, if you feel that everything from the list in this video is doable for you, visit links below this video, and find out more about every step on your way to online making money journey.

I will offer you there a lot of tips and tricks, bonuses, and much more…

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