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You will learn:

  • What is and how to ACTUALLY get started with affiliate (CPA) marketing
  • Choosing a niche - this step is SUPER important - see listed files below for more info
  • SIMPLE 7 step strategy to get commissions using targeted traffic from videos
  • How to EASY CREATE VIDEO for your business and establish successful strategy
  • Setting up your WEBSITE for success

By joining FREE training you will also get PROVEN guides:

  • Super Affiliate Commissions - PDF file
  • Roadmap To Super Affiliate Commissions - PDF file
  • 7 Steps Strategy - PDF file
  • 35 Recommended Profitable Niches to Promote - Excel table 
  • All Recommended Tools for Business - PDF file
  • 8 Profitable Niches Described - PDF file
  • 3 Steps to Choose Video Subject - PDF file
  • 3 Steps to Make Better Video - PDF file
  • 4 Tips to Plan Video - PDF file
  • 4 Basic SEO Factors for Video - PDF file
  • YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet - PDF file
  • Productivity Checklist - PDF file
  • 3 Email Swipe Examples - PDF file

Hi, my name is Ivica and I’m independent a full-time digital marketer and video producer located in Serbia, East Europe. 

I have years of experience in digital marketing and video production and my mission is to help people like you in this complicated online world.

Tell me your story. We are all on the Internet now, right?

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