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Hey, my name is Ivica and I’m independent full-time digital marketer & PPC advertiser located in Serbia, East Europe. I have years of experience in digital marketing, and my mission is to serve or help people like you in this complicated online world. I possess years of experience utilizing different tools and services for online business and online advertising. 

Over the course of several years, I've successfully created multiple lucrative websites, and currently manage two of them:


The Digitib.com focuses on providing insights into essential tools and services for online affiliate business, while PPCWay.com is exclusively dedicated to the niche field of PPC advertising on the Microsoft service. (click this link to visit PPCWay.com).

With this extensive background, I can provide you with recommendations for tools and services that will expedite and simplify your journey towards achieving your online business goals. 

Each of the tools & services I recommend has undergone thorough testing, ensuring their high quality. Utilizing any of these tools has the potential to greatly assist you, if you decide to use them.

You can always contact me for advice and support for your online journey.

No matter who you are and how experienced you are right now, it's possible to make things better and improve your internet presence. Tell me your story. We are all on the Internet now, right?

Best regards,

Ivica Bacanin



Founder & CEO

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