9 Best AI Writers for 2022+

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Meet Jasper, The Future of Writing. Artificial intelligence makes it fast & easy to create unique content for your blog, social media, website, and more! Rated 5/5 stars in 3,000+ reviews. Trusted by 50,000+ content marketers.

Jasper, which used to be called Jarvis, is one of the most powerful AI writing tools on the market. The firm has consulted with SEO and marketing experts to create the algorithms that produce its content, and Jasper can create copy for a massive range of situations – from articles and blog posts to emails, product listings, Video uploads, and Facebook adverts.

Jasper also has a feature called Boss Mode, which can generate content with more speed and accuracy. This upgraded product also checks content for plagiarism and uses Grammarly to try and improve the grammar and punctuation. It also has extra organization features, so it’s easier to use for large teams, and Jasper works in more than twenty-five languages.

Jasper’s starter plan is ideal for shorter assignments and  the pricing scales are based on how many words you need. Boss more is more expensive, but its extra features are ideal for long-form content, like blog posts and articles.


jasper pricing


copy ai writing tool

Say ‘goodbye’ to the blank page for good. Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds. 1,000,000+ professionals & teams choose Copy.ai. Get better results in a fraction of the time. Finally, a writing tool you’ll actually use.

Best for Copywriting

CopyAI has the same templates that Jasper, and other AI tools provide. Then how to compare Jasper.ai vs. Copy.ai? In my opinion, the differentiator for CopyAI is that it has a completely free version, is easy to use, and doesn’t require your credit card.

Now that Copy.ai has a long-form document editor, it’s become a much better option in my opinion.

I think CopyAI is for the power writers out there already who want a little help getting past writer’s block. It’s one of the most affordable options, with the free mode and unlimited credits in the pro mode. No paid plan is required here either!


copyai pricing


contentbotai writer

The Future of Writing is Here. Use the world's most advanced AI Writer. Blog content, paraphrasing, ad copy, and so much more. Join 44,000 marketers who have used our AI to augment their content creation process.

Create High-Quality Content

ContentBot is a decent enough tool to help you with copywriting. The user interface is quite slick and the quality of content generated is decent as well. 

However, the long-form content for blog posts needs improvement in terms of quality and also I ran into a few errors while generating content for Ads.

As a pretty new tool, it can definitely improve as the AI gets trained better with more users as the tool has the crux of a good copywriting tool. Definitely worth a try and given a chance.


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articleforge writer

Get High Quality Content In One Click. Using advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning, Article Forge writes entire 1,500+ word articles automatically. From product descriptions to whole blog posts, Article Forge delivers unique, SEO optimized, high-quality content about any topic with a single click.

This powerful tool pairs a broad range of features with an intuitive workflow to ensure that you can produce good-quality content as quickly as possible.

The process begins by entering a keyword alongside your desired article length, and Article Forge can also customize your content with additional details. You can specify a location, identify a mood you’d like your article to capture, or pick several keywords, so you’ve got greater control over what’s included in the content.

Article Forge only takes sixty seconds to produce an article, and each piece of content is automatically checked for plagiarism. And, because Article Forge produces content with a clever combination of AI and deep learning, you’re always going to get copy that’s relevant and ready to rank on all the major search engines.

Article Forge can create all kinds of articles, from marketing and entertainment pieces to finance and news content. It adds titles, images, videos, and links for articles, and it writes in seven languages.

Article Forge has pricing that is easier to follow than many other AI writing tools, too.

ArticleForge PRICING

articleforge pricing


anyword ai writer

Data-driven copywriting for anyone. Get more conversions and drive more sales with an AI writer that generates and optimizes your copy. Powerful predictive analytics tells you what works before you publish.

Data-driven copywriting

Anyword has undoubtedly impressed me with its process and power to produce relevant texts. These texts are standardized copies. I can always tweak them before publishing. 

So, my efforts in ideation, research, and copywriting become almost half with this tool. I could write a persuasive copy quickly.

However, I always respect the power of the marketing mind. Hence, you need an experienced eye to proofread this copy, which means you cannot just blindly follow the tool's text.

Having said that, the time taken for writing a copy is significantly less, so Anyword undoubtedly improves productivity.

This tool is perfect for busy marketers and copywriters. It also helps someone who sells stuff online but doesn't have the experience to produce a relevant copy.

Let me know what you think about Anyword after reading this blog. I am excited to hear your thoughts about this blog in the comments below.  


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writesonic ai writer

WriteSonic is an AI writing tool that generates high-quality articles, blog posts, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, and more in seconds. Rated 5-star in 5000+ reviews. 150,000+ marketing teams, agencies and freelancers count on Writesonic for better-quality long form content.

Writesonic’s GPT-3 language model deploys powerful AI to generate blog posts, landing pages (opens in new tab), adverts, product descriptions, and emails, so it’s a top choice if you need a versatile writing tool.

The versatility continues elsewhere. Writesonic (opens in new tab) works in more than twenty languages, and it’s easy to use: you choose from more than forty templates, enter a few lines to describe the content, and then the app generates twelve variations so you can choose which one suits your needs.

You can drop a couple of lines into the app and get articles in seconds, and all you’ll have to do is a light edit before you publish. It’s as simple as that. The AI behind Writesonic is constantly updated to reflect search ranking and SEO (opens in new tab) trends, and a free trial is available if you’d like ten credits to test the service.

If you want to make the most of Writesonic, though, it’s worth paying for the service.

WriteSonic PRICING

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inkforall ai writer

Communicate with Purpose. Anyone can perform with content. All-in-one text editing solution: Paraphrasing + AI Writer + SEO.Let our AI help you find the right words to communicate clearly with compelling and authentic content. The INK rewrite AI can instantly rephrase your content with a single click — it works everywhere you write.

Ink is a newer name on the AI writing scene and it’s already been used by companies like Google, Uber and Salesforce, and it’s got some innovative features.

It’s powered by the same GPT-3 AI as Writesonic, and it doesn’t just create articles – it can expand, simplify or rewrite existing copy too. That versatility sits alongside Ink’s own scoring system, which supplies a handy and easily digestible number so you can see how your generated content ranks for SEO, readability, and word count. That’s perfect if you want to make changes to an article and see how it improves.

Ink also has a distraction-free text editor if you’d like to write or edit yourself, and it’s able to generate multiple articles per job, so you get plenty of choices. It can create copy for social media adverts and YouTube uploads, and it has grammar and language checkers too.

Impressively, Ink can generate ten articles a month for free – that’s more generous than most AI writing tools. Pay for the Ink Pro or Unlimited packages and you get unlimited articles, better scoring, and more features.


inkforall pricing


wordai ai writer

10x your content output with AI. Use artificial intelligence to cut turnaround time, extend your budget, and create more high-quality content that Google and readers will love. WordAi uses advanced machine learning models to provide high quality rewriting that is indistinguishable from human-written content.

Amplify Your Content

WordAI is an ideal tool if you need your written content to be sleeker, smarter, and better-optimized for search engines – because it uses AI to improve existing content.

This tool can totally restructure your sentences and paragraphs to make them easier and more pleasing to read, and WordAI will automatically add keywords, make your writing more varied and fix spelling and grammar mistakes. It can use AI to improve clarity, and it’ll avoid duplicated content and create up to 1,000 rewrites per article.

WordAI enables bulk article rewriting and exports, and you can view the HTML behind your articles – and access its API if you’d like to integrate WordAI with other software.

You probably won’t have to pay more to access extra features with WordAI, either. Everything’s available for monthly or annual payments unless you want to build a customized enterprise package to support multiple users and higher volumes.


wordai pricing


copymatic ai writer

Write better, faster! Generate Content & Copy In Seconds with AI. Use AI to boost your traffic and save hours of work. Automatically write unique, engaging and high-quality copy or content: from long-form blog posts or landing pages to digital ads in seconds.

Content & Copy In Seconds

Copymatic is a great AI content generator and copywriting tool that can help you scale content production for your business. I recommend spending your first month trying a few ways to use, mix and match different templates and create your own processes to make AI content generation fun and easier.


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