3 Best Tools to Remove Click Fraud From Your PPC Campaigns

- Fraudsters are everywhere, and they are now using click fraud to exhaust your PPC campaign budget or confuse your ad campaign via flawed data. -


#1 ClickMagick. Unbeatable  tracking & attribution without the chaos. ClickMagick is your objective “Single Source of Truth” — the one place you can see your true results, and all the actionable stats and KPIs you need, all in one place. Optimize based on your actual results, and automatically send your true conversion data back to your ad networks for perfect ad optimization and increased ROI.


#2 ClixTell. Dominate Your Digital Marketing. Stop Click Fraud Activity, Track & Record Calls and Watch Your Website Through The Eyes of Your Visitors. Advanced call tracking software reveals which search keywords, campaigns, and ads generate calls and conversions. Watch your customer’s full journey from search through your website, to call & conversion.


#3 TrafficGuard. Clarity beyond measure. By verifying advertising engagement and protecting budgets, we help businesses get the clarity they need to unlock the best advertising results. Advertise and grow with confidence. We believe the best advertising performance comes from decisions based on accurate data. With complete trust and confidence in the data you use to drive performance, you can act faster and be bolder to get the best results.

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