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murf review

Murf Review Best Text to Speech. Murf AI is a versatile and valuable tool for creating voiceovers for presentations, videos, and more. With more than 120 natural-sounding voices and support for more than 20 languages, it saves time and resources and simplifies creating compelling voiceovers.

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The folks at Murf offer many features to create voiceovers for your projects. Let’s review them to better understand what you have at your disposal should you sign up for it.


Murf AI’s text-to-speech feature is, in our opinion, its best feature. As previously mentioned, they offer 120 AI voices and 20 languages, so you can be certain you’ll find the perfect fit for your projects. With simple tools, you can edit your voice’s style, tone, speed, and other characteristics. It also allows you to add pauses in the right places, making voices sound incredibly human.

Canva Add-On

If you’re a Canva user looking to incorporate voiceovers into your projects, you’re in luck. Murf has full integration with Canva, allowing you to easily import voiceovers. They can be used in Facebook or Instagram videos, AI presentations, and more.

AI Voice Cloning

Another great feature of Murf AI is its voice cloning feature. However, it’s only available as a separate purchase. It works by recording your voice and then uploading the voice samples to Murf’s team so they can build a custom AI voice for you. You’ll need professional equipment for the best results, but in the end, you’ll have an exact clone of your voice to use in all your projects. This tool is great for medium to large businesses who want to streamline the process of voiceovers while saving time and money.

Voice Over Video

Suppose you have a video but need a quick and easy way to add narration. In that case, Murf AI’s voiceover video feature is the perfect solution. Whether you’re creating a catchy commercial, an engaging video tutorial, or even a comprehensive learning management system (LMS), this tool has you covered.

The best part?

You can unleash your creativity by accessing millions of images, music, and video assets to create video from scratch. Their AI voices range from young and old to different ethnicities, genders, and characteristics, giving you plenty of choices for your project. With that said, we found the video preview feature a bit buggy in our testing, so keep that in mind.

Google Slides Add-On

You’re in luck if you want to add voiceovers to your presentations and use Google Slides. Murf AI offers a handy add-on, allowing you to easily add spoken words to your slides. It integrates directly with GS, so you can write and edit your voiceover script as your work.

The best part? 

You’ll have access to all of the voices in your plan – directly within the GS interface. Additionally, the AI will choose the best voice for your project based on the content within your presentation.

Murf API

Do you need AI voice integration on your application or website? With Murf API, you can do it. As with the voice cloning feature, you’ll need to request Murf to develop a custom solution. The API comes with more than 40 available voices you can use.

However, you must purchase this feature separately, as it’s not part of their subscription plans. The cost of API integration is steep for smaller businesses, costing roughly $ 3,000 per year. That said, if you are part of a large business or corporation, this is a steal compared to the cost of hiring voice actors.

Murf AI Pricing


If you’re considering signing up for Murf AI, you’ll be pleased to know that the pricing is very affordable. They offer a free tier and three paid plans, so there’s something for everyone.

The free plan comes with 32 AI voices, 10 minutes of voice generation, 10 minutes of transcription, and up to three users. The downside to the free plan is that you can’t download anything you generate. However, it is a great way for users to test Murf and decide if it’s the right choice.

The Basic Plan includes unlimited downloads, 60 basic voices, access to 10 languages, 24 hours of voice generation per user per year, and over 8000 licensed soundtracks.

Basic starts at $19 per user per month, billed annually. 

The Pro plan offers the benefits of Basic but adds access to all 120+ AI voices, 20+ languages, the AI voice changer, commercial usage rights, and high-priority support for $26 per month.

Finally, the Enterprise plan will cost you $75 per month for 5 users. It offers all of the benefits of Pro but sweetens the deal with unlimited voice generation, transcription, and storage.

FREE Trial?

You’ll also receive a dedicated account manager, advanced collaboration tools, and a security assessment. This is especially important because of the voice cloning feature.

With deep fakes becoming a real concern, there is the potential for nefarious actors to gain access to your content to impersonate others.

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