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 4. How to get traffic?

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The most important job

Since we found that at the present time it is not difficult to make and set up a website that has a lot of areas that you can include to select a product, service or group of products and services that can be placed on a website and expect anyone to see, do the desired action (buy something, sign up, register it ...) and you earn a commission and profit. All technology boils down to a web page, the choice offer, setting up affiliate links and little stories about all this. So, when you set this machine to make money following the main thing is to bring as many potentially interested visitors, some of which can be expected to do the desired action. So, if you promote products for solar energy, solar panels and products for renewable energy that you need to bring visitors who show interest in this area. So you'll probably want visitors from the USA, Canada, Australia, Western Europe, where people have the money and the desire to invest in such equipment. Here you can also add and allied products in this field, such as for example books in this field, and wind generators, how to make your own solar panel ... The idea is very much, and when you start it certainly will work through imagination and new ideas applicable.

Free targeted visitors

You can use a lot of techniques for free bringing visitors to see your website. These visitors must be interested in what you offer and what you do. So, I'm here on this website, are not very useful for visitors who do not care anything about the Internet, websites, business on the Internet ... Of course, they can be useful because they can tell someone who cares to look, but Visitors are real, like you, that all this is very interested. For me it is the hardest part of the job and the need to consume the most energy, because everything else is mere technique, which can be done for you for 5 to 6 days of easy operation. For free bringing visitors can use social networks, where you will be active in the selected area, posting on forums and blogs in the same or related field, write articles on the topic and post in the free base articles ... Technique is very much and when you get in business, you will learn more about it. For this conception of promoting products you do not need to invest money, but you will need time to find a winning formula for bringing targeted visitors interested.

Pay for targeted visitors

You can also choose to pay for targeted visitors. I personally prefer to pay any ad campaign, where the bead of a service to my ad for a keyword, for example: making money, and displayed when someone clicks and comes on this page of my website I pay about $ 0.5. This is my investment in visitors, and then from that visitor trying to make a profit greater than $ 0.5 and be in profit. Let campaign will give profit, and some will lose money because you will earn less than you expend. It's very important to have a system of monitoring campaigns to know exactly what and where it brings profit and functioning, it would have left to do, and what the real loss as soon as possible or adjust or cancel. This is how it worked. Once you decide to consciously spend some money just to make sure of the pulse of the market and to get useful information that you can bring long-term benefits very much. Here very much depends on what you're promoting, what is the potential commission, what is the competition for that topic ... To repeat, these things you have to learn and understand what it's all what i have to be careful with your spending money. For learning, you can use free or paid sources courses, which listed here below: Reasons to buy traffic to website

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