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 2. How To Choose Niche?

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Two types of offers to promote

Firstly I would separate the two types of programs, as a general guide for your decision in choosing what to promote .. The first so-called CPA (Cost Per Action) offers a second option is the classic affiliate programs. General recommendations when choosing topics and products that (if possible) know a lot about this topic or you are interested to learn about it and assume that you will not be too great a burden to deal with on the subject and that you have the passion and desire to the field . Another important thing is that the area around the product profitable, and it makes sense to engage in this market from (niche). Specifically you need to specify that in such a market there is a desire of Internet visitors to spend money. The selection of products and markets to incorporate a serious issue and shall be informed enough and you can use free or paid sources of learning courses, which it described in detail.

CPA Offers

CPA bid where the visitor of your website should not be anything to buy, but to do some action (Cost Per Action) to make you earn a commission. Preprucicu two networks, where you can sign up for free and register and look at any offer and how you can promote. There have literally thousands of types of offer: Enter your email and sign up to receive a gift voucher and you when someone enters through you and email application receiving a $ 2 fee. There are a lot of different offers of this type and characteristics of such offer is that they are less than the fees for sales, but that the visitor easily converted to a commission, which is logical, because it is easier to encourage someone to leave your email address, but to spend money. A small note that when registering on the CPA networks need to be careful, because the reception is not always 100% guaranteed automatically. Since these networks should protect against a variety of potential fraud, there are instructions, how to sign up, to be admitted to the network. Visit this page to read about how easy to be accepted into a CPA network and see some of the CPA offer

Affiliate Marketing Offers

Under the classical affiliate program mean those deals where a visitor has to spend money, and confirm the purchase of products that you decide to promote. There are many such programs on the net and some are categorized into networks such as ClickBank service, which is probably the best known. Click on the Bank can be found exclusively electronic products, which by their nature are best suited for Internet commerce.

Your first concrete task

In order to deal with AM you have to choose the product or offer, that you want to promote. What are the options and how to decide? The first thing I suggest is to visit and register at one of the options below websites that have lists of products to promote in all categories. When you register and you look you will see a lot of product categories and each category on hundreds of products that can be promoted. Registration is free and you need to specify your exact data, because there will be an address to which you should send a check with the money earned. I repeat - closely with CPA networks! ClickBank receives each and offers everyone a chance to test their skills on the job. All services listed below are reliable, tested and working long on the Internet. Again, I will recommend you to register for free on the dole listed networks, because it will help you a lot when you see by concrete deals with the commission, which you and under what circumstances make the decision and what you want to promote and about what you want to build campaigns. Again reminds you to be sure to pre-register on CPA Network, visit this page, and not bad either contact us for more advice before registering.

The first step is to find niche (market) and products to promote

Here are some CPA and Affiliate networks to join (register like affiliate or publisher). Signup is FREE and I recommend you to join this networks and find out more about products that you can promote in future.

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