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CEO Ivica Bacanin

ivica profil photosThank you for visiting my personal webpage.
I am a husband and father of my little girl (now she is a little). I live in Serbia (a small country in East Europe) and here you can watch 4 min video (not recommended if you are hungry!) and learn about us.
I simply COULD NOT resist work from everiwhere I want to! So, I started web programming and web design since I realized the advantages of Internet as a media and global information source. Because of that I decided to develop this web site and contribute to the world's future. Here you can find your way to promote your ideas by personal web site... I also invite you to contact me for informations about affiliate marketing, seo research and consulting, web design, graphic design ... Feel free to ask, sugest, comment ... What can you expect from me?

iWriter, Content Creator Nensi Smile UK, London Located

ivica profil photosI am

Delta Electronics is my offline job

Delta Electronics was founded 1994. and is specialized in engineering of automation and instrumentation in process industry, mining, civil engineering, food industry, that is, it is specialized for the designing and manufacture of electro hydraulic systems, electro pneumatic systems, measuring facilities and systems. Would you like to be our affiliate partner and earn money ...

Advanced Fast Build Construction Concept - FBCC lift more than 2000 tons

We are proud to introduce our new equipment we developed for lifting concrete slabs in building construction. Our new system Gorilla can make revolution in easy, fast and cost-effective concrete construction industry. We provide you complete know how support to make concrete slabs on the ground level and lift them on projected levels easy, fast and cost effective. No meter how many floor slabs you need to put in the building, what is they weight, we will help you to easy change project to our way building concrete on the building. Benefits are numerous and great in time, number of workers and up to 20% concrete construction saves! Our system is unique, flexible and adaptable and we will always find solution fits to your needs. This is extreme engimeering project and you can join us... Read more about our system and how it works ...

Jack Up electro hydraulic equipment for lifting oil platform 2000 tons

We developed and implemented electro - hydraulic system for lifting oil paltform up and down. System consists of 16 cylinders, 4 hydraulic power packs an total programible logic controlers process control. Process iz fully automatized and monitored on two touch screens. Oil platform weight is 2000 tons and speed of lifting / lowering is about 5 meters per hour. This is our second extreme engineering project ...

East EUROPE, Serbia
Skype: deltaib
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